Open Door Mission


Open Door Mission serves the homeless men women and children of our city, providing relief and assistance in an empowering and long-term way, a way infused with the gospel of Jesus.

Mission: The Open Door Mission is a Christian Rescue Mission founded to provide for the spiritual and physical needs of the impoverished and homeless men, women and children of Rochester, NY by restoring hope and changing lives.

The following programs are offered by the Open Door Mission:

  • Men's Emergency Housing
  • Community Meals Program (Open to the Public)
  • Christian Life Recovery Program (CLRP)
  • Men, Women and Children Clothing Distribution Program


Whether it's serving in the kitchen or the laundry room, leading worship, sorting clothes or organizing your group for a PB&J Factory, serving the homeless through Open Door Mission will be a blessing to you.


    156 N. Plymouth Ave. Rochester, NY 14608