Good News Jail & Prison Ministry

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Northridge Church has been partnering with Good News chaplains since the 1970s to penetrate Rochester's jails and prisons with the gospel of Jesus.

Mission Statement: To provide spiritually mature, equipped, and motivated Christian chaplains to serve in correctional facilities nationally and internationally.

Purpose Statement: To meet the spiritual needs of both inmates and staff through ministry that includes evangelism, discipleship, and pastoral attention, while facilitating other religious faiths within the guidelines established by law and the individual correctional facility.


The best way to begin involvment with Good News is a tour. Either tour the downtown jail itself guided by the chaplains, or Northridge's own Dave Baxter will bring a "tour" right to your community group and share from his experiences volunteering in the jail for several years.

Good News champlains and volunteers hold bible studies with regular lessons for inmates. In addition to study teachers, the ministry has regular need for lesson developers and graders. Northridge Church runs a church service in the Henrietta jail in conjunction with Good News every third Sunday of the month, and volunteers are most welcome!



Contact Dave Baxter at for information and tours. Connect with our local chapter on Facebook, or learn more about the international organization. You can also reach Chaplain Brian Duclos directly:

Brian Duclos
Monroe Correctional Facility
130 South Plymouth Avenue
Rochester, NY 14614
(585) 753-3047