Loving the Stranger Among Us


On January 27th Northridge Church teamed up with Grace Road Church and Browncroft Community Church to host a special event titled "Loving the Stranger Among Us."  Over 160 people gathered in Grace Road's beautiful sanctuary to hear an enlightening and inspiring presentation by Matthew Soerens, the Director of Church Mobilization for World Relief, an organization that is deeply engaged with refugees and is at the forefront of resettling refugees in the US.

Matthew's presentation covered the refugee crisis, both worldwide and here in the US, from many positions and perspectives. Chief among the viewpoints he presented was the biblical perspective which is rooted in many of the bible's teachings, and which starts with the overarching truth that Jesus was a refugee whose family fled his homeland due to an evil king intent on destroying him as a child.

Matthew dispelled many of the myths and misconceptions that exacerbate the crisis (over 65 million refugees worldwide have been forcibly displaced) and have led to the perception that refugees represent only problems and threats to countries and people who accept them. These really are myths. Other local speakers added valuable local and personal perspectives.

When considering the enormity of the problem, and in light of God’s Greatest Commandment, which includes “…love your neighbor as yourself,” our response to the crisis should be clear.  There are many great organizations locally that work to treat refugees with dignity and respect, and help assimilate them.  Northridge Serves can help you find a way to help: contact info@northridgeserves.com