Attend One - Serve One

Bill Hybels always said that the local church was the "hope of the world." It serves as a Gospel-carrying beacon for a community. And Jesus promised to build His church.

That's something that should get us all excited.

I think that if someone is a follower of Christ, their life should be that of a servant. And as we walk with Him and grow to love Him more, the selfless attitude that puts the needs, desires, and preferences of others first grows.

And one natural outlet for that service is through the mission of the local church. All believers, no matter how immature, have a role to play in supporting the local church to make more and better followers of Jesus. Every gift, every talent, every level of training, and every personality has something to bring to the table.

At Northridge, we love to encourage our people to have an "Attend One - Serve One" mentality. Because all of our campuses offer two services, we have the opportunity to attend one service and serve others during the other.

What happens when our people are serving in this way?

It allows us to create incredible kids ministry environments that engage young hearts and give parents peace of mind. It allows us to fully staff security teams to make sure attending church doesn't put people or their property at risk. It means we can create welcoming first impressions environments that remove distractions so people can engage with community and the Gospel. It equips us to create excellent services that honor God and inspire people.

But to achieve all of this for people who are skeptical, new to faith, or struggling with significant doubts -- it requires the rest of us who love Jesus and love His people to step out and make the sacrifice and serve during a service.

Check out this video highlighting Attend One - Serve One (and watch the entire message to see David's passionate plea last summer to see people live an Attend One - Serve One lifestyle):