Summer is for projects!

Summer at Northridge Church is a time for repairs and clean-up! It's a natural time to pull out the trusty multi-site trailers for Greece and Webster and give them a wash. We also tackle landscaping projects all over our Irondequoit campus.

And if you are looking for a natural way for your community group to spend some time together, or if you want to invest some time to help Northridge prepare for the fall growth we experience each year, consider giving some of your extra time (and even vacation days) this summer!

Here are just a sampling of projects we could use some help with:

  • Trailer and vehicle cleaning. Bring your family or group and give our trusty trailers a scrubbing!
  • Road case repair. Our equipment for hauling all the equipment for portable church could always use some love. Wheels can be greased and hinges can be tightened!
  • Landscaping, cleanup, painting, and gardening. After the long, harsh Rochester winters, the Irondequoit campus could always use some beautification (both inside AND out).
  • Set design and building. Our creative teams are always innovating in the design of new stage backdrops at all campuses and YOU could be a part of the design and construction process.
If any of these sound interesting or you've got your own ideas, please let us know at