Groups Take the Initiative

One Northridge community group recently decided they would do something to help support the homeless in our community. With the leadership of a group member who regularly serves the homeless, they made serving together a two-night event:
On the first night our entire group built care packages to hand out to the homeless. On the second night seven of us walked/drove around the city and handed out the care packages.
Several members of the group were surprised to how "real" or "normal" the people we encountered were. Many commented that they were never have known they were homeless just by talking to them. Others were made aware of the severe poverty many in our city live in.
Group leaders... this is exactly the kind of growing experience that you long for in the lives of your members. Check out for ideas, and feel free to contact us for help. But if there's something you or your group members are passionate about, don't wait for Northridge Serves! Take the initiative.