A Vision for the Homeless in Rochester

Who do you imagine when you think of a homeless person?

What do they look like? What do you assume they've done?

The reality is that the homeless come from every background, education level, race, and ethnicity.

It includes...
  • People with advanced degrees who have hit a rough patch in life
  • Families struggling to make ends meet
  • Young adults recovering from trauma
  • Women who have been hurt by abusive family or boyfriends
But the one thing they all have in common is their need for Christ.

The goal of Streets for Christ, a partner of Northridge Serves, is to love the homeless into the Kingdom of God. Every Friday night, the Streets for Christ team serves meals to those living on the street at several locations in Rochester, connecting with individuals to talk and pray with them.

And the goal is two-fold. The ultimate goal is to see the homeless come to love their savior, Jesus Christ. But along with that is the desire to see our impoverished neighbors loved so intentionally, with their physical needs met alongside their spiritual needs, that homelessness is eradicated in Rochester.