Loving the Homeless with "Streets for Christ"

Northridge Serves is excited to announce a new local serving partner in Streets for Christ (SFC). The goal of Streets for Christ is to love the homeless into the Kingdom of God. Every Friday night, the Streets for Christ team serves meals to those living on the street at several locations in Rochester, connecting with individuals to talk and pray with them.

Most people are surprised at the size and scope of the homeless population in Rochester. It can be eye-opening to interact directly with people that, for a wide variety of reasons, find themselves sleeping in a tent under an overpass. If you've never engaged with the chronically homeless, I would highly recommend giving Streets for Christ a try.

And there are tons of ways to serve! You can travel with the team into the city to a variety of stops where some of the neediest of our area gather. If that's not for you, they always need people willing to prepare a hot dish or make a few "hygiene kits" for the team to deliver.

Here are a few stories from people at Northridge who have served recently with Streets for Christ.

If you are interested in checking out Streets for Christ and possibly giving it a try, check out the SFC page HERE at Northridge Serves.