Serving Like Jesus in the Local Church

One of the best ways to identify a mature follower of Jesus is by taking a look at their serving (or lack thereof). In fact, Jesus set the standard for serving and even said that the greatest among His followers would be those that serve (among many examples, see Luke 22 and John 13).

And one of the most obvious places for each of us to serve is through the local church.

It takes lots of hands to make Sunday morning happen at Northridge Church. To name just a few:

  • Greeters and ushers to provide a welcoming environment
  • Kids ministry volunteers to teach and care for your children
  • A band and vocalists to lead the auditorium in singing
  • Pastors to challenge us from scripture
  • Security team to keep our environments safe
  • A tech team to make the sermons available online and to stream at our portable campuses
And there are many more volunteers throughout the week who make Northridge even possible. These include those who:
  • Clean and organize our facilities and trailers
  • Prepare guest packs for our new attendees
  • Write and review questions for weekly Community Groups
  • Provide office support, answer phone calls, and organize mailings
If you've been blessed by the ministry of Northridge, then you can imagine the army of volunteers it took to make that happen. And if you are a follower of Christ, you might consider becoming a blessing to others through this ministry. This movement from consumer to servant is a defining step in the walk to be more like Jesus, the ultimate servant.

You might consider serving individually, finding the role at Northridge that matches your talents and passions. Or you might encourage your friends or Community Group to join you in serving in one of the ways listed above.

If you are interested in serving, please email us at and someone will respond to help you take that step!