Make Serving Others Part of Doing Life Together

It's September, and everything important is back: school, community groups, football...

Community group leaders know that the first few meetings often set the tone for group for the rest of the trimester, and even for the rest of the year. This fall the Northridge Serves Team is challenging every community group to make serving another part of the regular fabric of their group. If not the first week, at least within the first three weeks of group talk to your group about where you are planning to serve together this fall. Settle on an organization that your group wants to partner with, and get a date on the calendar.

One of the best and easiest ways to get involved with our partner agencies is to set up a tour with your group. It's a great way to expose your group members to some of the awesome work that God is doing in our city through ministries that are meeting the real physical needs of the least among us while holding tightly to the Gospel. Scheduling a simple tour this fall will make it even easier to serve as a group in a more active way in the winter and spring.

And after you serve together, you can throw in some football.