Help CompassCare Reach Another 10% of At-risk Women!

CompassCare needs your hands and feet on the street to raise awareness in the Rochester community through a guerrilla marketing campaign! Guerrilla marketing is a low-cost and organic strategy used to gain maximum exposure for a brand. Let's get CompassCare's name out into the community, so that it is top of mind for women considering abortion. 

Monroe County has seen a 40% reduction in abortion in just six years! CompassCare is seeking to reach another 10% of women at-risk for abortion in Rochester and be the first county in the US to see its abortion rate cut in half. This will also put significant stress on the abortion industry, thereby driving up demand for CompassCare's services. 

CompassCare's guerrilla marketing campaign is designed to reach women by putting a CompassCare flyer in every barber shop, cafe, pizza parlor, coffee shop, and diner in the city limits - basically, anywhere there is a public bulletin board. To do this we need your help to be hands and feet on the street!   
Sample Flyer
Join the Guerrilla Marketing Team! 

Meet at CompassCare to receive all the materials and training you'll need, then disperse for two hours to various sections of the city to post as many flyers from your assigned list as possible. 

Sign up below:

If want to help but cannot make either of these two dates, contact us to schedule an alternate time. 

Contact Matt Sones at for details or more information. 

Help CompassCare reach and serve more women at-risk for abortion in Rochester!