Thank You for Protecting Preborn People!

Dear Northridge Church,

Thank you! On May 2, you and hundreds of people like you participated in the 2015 Walk for Life and publicly demonstrated your passion for protecting the personhood of preborn boys and girls. Over 800 people, representing 74 Rochester area churches converged at the Highland Bowl to create awareness and raise funds for CompassCare's life-saving work. Thank you for leveraging your voice and your influence on behalf of those that have none. 

At CompassCare women facing unplanned pregnancy are not alone and they never have to be. Typically, women considering abortion feel like they have no choice at all. But the ethical medical services and the comprehensive follow-up facilitated by CompassCare provide real empowerment showing her that she can choose the most difficult yet most fulfilling path, to have her baby.
On May 2, passionate pro-lifers from all over Rochester spoke with a unity of voice rarely seen in today's hyper-individualistic world. A PROtest in the truest sense of the word happened. We proactively testified to the community about the light of the truth of humanity that has been dimmed of late, that everyone from conception to natural death is a person deserving of protection. And that any attempt tonarrow that definition is an abuse of power and the beginning of great crimes against humanity.On Saturday, you spoke out against this atrocious and arrogant human tendency to dehumanize the weak, vulnerable, and voiceless.

Thank you for your courage and generosity to stand for the humanity of preborn boys and girls, as well as the dignity of their mothers. You are testifying to the world that each member of the human family must be valued equally. Thank you for not only raising $191,000 (and counting) at the Walk for Life but also raising awareness with your family, friends, and community the importance of protecting the preborn. The abortion wall in Monroe County is crumbling - with a 40% reduction in abortions! CompassCare's goal is to reach another 10% of the total number of women considering abortion in Rochester and help them have their babies. Thank you for partnering with CompassCare in erasing the need for abortion.
Erasing the need for abortion together, 
  Jim's signature
Rev. James R. Harden, M.Div.