One Thousand

One Thousand. That’s the number of envelopes our Community Group stuffed for CompassCare. As the first service project our group participated in since multiplying, we are celebrating a milestone!
With our new group dynamic in mind, our nominated service project coordinator was instrumental in narrowing down the serving opportunities that were available on We then collectively chose a project and faithfully made a decision to serve! Our project coordinator was in contact with Compass Care and we were scheduled to stuff a portion of envelopes for their upcoming Walk-for-Life event. We now had a service project “Save the Date!” When the time came, our coordinator picked up the materials from CompassCare and received simple instructions.
Now some might yawn at, and others may run from, the thought of stuffing envelopes, but our group embraced it. And hey, we knew our bubbly, award-winning personalities couldn’t fill all the gaps so we partook in brinner, breakfast for dinner, too.  So after we first stuffed ourselves, we then stuffed the envelopes!
We set up makeshift stations on the couch, a coffee table, the floor, and boxes. There was no heavy equipment required. Our assembly lines were a go, supplied with all the essential CompassCare materials. Off we went till the thousandth envelope was stuffed. If anyone dismisses the energy it takes to send out a non-profit mailer, our Group encourages you to take the challenge.
Our goal was to serve together and we were blessed with an opportunity.
We had a blast serving! Sure the boxes of letters, pamphlets, and envelopes at times were a little daunting, but we threw a few jokes into the conversation and fellowshipped. There were not eight adults chanting “no more licking” either. For this mailer, we were supplied with peel and seal envelopes. Our kids even served by collecting the envelope strips. And, there was only one paper cut casualty.  
Be willing!
Susan Robinson

Hibbard/Robinson Community Group