Auction Donations Needed

Can you help Mission:Share help more people like Annah?

Mission:Share is holding their annual Auction Fundraiser on April 19th. They use the funds raised to help people like Annah in Greece and it's surroundings to find hope, ultimately in Jesus. They could use your help to find donations for the auction. Check out Mission:Share's Director Tom Hakes' email below:

Would you be willing to solicit for donations at those businesses you have personal relationships with?  

I can provide you with letters and any other material you need....would you please prayerfully consider helping me out?  Or if you know someone who is good at this and is willing to pitch in, please have them connect with me. 

Please let me know either way...SOON.  And please communicate to me who you will be approaching.  The auction is less than 6 weeks away.  Thanks.
If you are interested in helping, please contact Tom directly at