Introducing the Northridge Serves Rochester Team!

We are excited for the Rochester branch of Northridge Serves to have a new team! Here's a quick intro to each member.

Agency Liaisons
They help us stay up-to-date with our partnering agencies' needs.

Alisa Dimora
"Hi, I’m Alisa Dimora and I will be serving Northridge as an Agency Liaison to Ministries in our city. I have a deep compassion to help the needs of the less fortunate in Rochester and an appreciation for how the love of our Savior, Jesus Christ,  can and does change lives. I am excited for the opportunities that lie ahead as our Church family nurtures “More and Better Disciples"" throughout Rochester.  God Bless!" 

 Dave Baxter
 Good News Jail and Prison Ministry Liaison
"Volunteering in the jail is a chance to see God at work on every visit. The jail is a rich mission field just minutes from your home with no language barriers. You will not believe the sincerity and kindness of the inmates until you experience it."

Campus Coordinators
Talk to these team members for help on how/where to serve.

 Joel and Carina Sawyer
Greece Campus Coordinators

Joel and Carina Sawyer have been attending Northridge since 2007.  They love their daughter Clara Jean, their community group, growing delicious vegetables and working on their farm.  They enjoy serving together and have had the opportunity to do so both locally and abroad. 

Debbie Hall
Webster Campus Coordinator
"My name is Debbie Hall. I'm the Webster Campus Coordinator. I have been going to Northridge since June 2013. I've been to all 3 campuses at some point in time in the last year and a half and am also a community group leader."

 Joel Witwer
Irondequoit Campus Coordinator

Joel is a firm believer that while we are saved by faith, we, as Christians, are called to go out of our way to love and serve the poor, the marginalized, the oppressed while also confronting the poverty, marginalization, and oppression within ourselves. Joel's dream is for members of Northridge to be known as Christians who do what Christ did and follow in His footsteps of love and service to each other and our city.

They encourage us in our serving through video media.

Bob Mahoney

Bob has been coming to Northridge since 2007 and loves the drastic life change and spiritual growth that happens here every day. He's currently part of the production team at the Webster Campus and will be helping Northridge Serves with video resources and whatever else God would have him do!

Mark Kukla

"I want to help serve the less fortunate in our community and remind them of God’s love and forgiveness. Furthermore, I wish to raise awareness of the good work volunteers do by creating videos to share these stories."

 Team Leaders

Matt and Belinda Sones

Matt and Belinda have been leading Northridge Serves since its inception in 2010. They live in the city with their two children, and long to see Northridge Church ‘cross the street’ to have more of an impact on the poor and marginalized of Rochester. Matt also works full time at CompassCare. In the new Northridge Serves team, Matt and Belinda currently wear many hats: team leaders, IRO Campus Coordinators, blog team leader, and webmaster. If any of those hats fits your head, let us know!

Want to join the team? Let us know via