Interior Decorating Minds Requested

Grace House, our partnering organization that provides a transitional home for former inmates, has a new residence they are in process of fixing up for use. They would love to have a group of people go through the residence and provide interior decorating ideas.  This residence is pretty drab on the inside, in its color schemes and window coverings, etc, so they thought brightening it up with some cool new colors, complimented by new  window covering designs (that are durable) would help the future residents feel more at home and less transitional.  They also anticipate that some light finishing work, such as upgrading light fixtures, trim, doors, windows and other details would be necessary as well to compliment the decorating, so volunteers are also needed for that. 

Grace House's goal is to collectively go through the property, combine ideas, create a budget and a plan for completing them, thereby turning the house into a place that feels like home, rather than a transitional shelter. It will go a long way toward helping the men who will live there gain an appreciation of their surroundings and replicate that in the places they will ultimately move on to.

If you're interested in providing interior decorating ideas and/or interested in providing some light finishing work, please email