Thumbs Up for Serving at CompassCare

See what one community group said about serving with CompassCare.

What did your group do while at CompassCare?

Our group helped to process mailings for the 2014 Walk for Life.

How would you rate your group's overall satisfaction with this volunteer experience?

5 - Awesome

What went well?

We were given the opportunity to tour the facility. CompassCare allowed us to volunteer on our regular group night. They timely contacted us via email to coordinate the time and place to serve. They were well organized and we were kept busy the whole time. They were both professional and friendly.

Any other comments?

We were grateful for the opportunity to serve at CompassCare as a group. The Rep there that night shared with us the mission and some of the great things God is doing through CompassCare, and prayed with us.


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