How Poor Are Children?


In the Greater Rochester Area, 18.7% of children (18 years old and younger) are poor. According to the Rochester Community Foundation Inc, nearly half of the children living in the city of Rochester are poor (46%)! How does this compare to other places? Rochester has the poorest large urban school distract in New York State.

What We’re Doing to Help

Rochester Family Mission

RFM’s vision is to share the good news of Jesus Christ while caring for families by reaching out in Christian love to meet spiritual and practical needs. They do this in multiple ways including in their ministries to children. During the school year RFM provides tutoring for preschoolers through six graders Mondays-Wednesdays. During this time children get homework help and a meal; help to prevent future poverty and help for their current poverty.

What Can You Do?

Consider being an “I CAN” Kids tutor one night per week for 1.5 hours or consider any one of the other opportunities found here:

Youth for Christ

Youth for Christ longs to see every young person in every people group in every nation have the opportunity to make an informed decision to be a follower of Christ and become a part of a local church. Here in Rochester, they understand that there’s a 1:2 chance that the youth they are trying to share Christ with is living in physical poverty too. So they too provide meals at most of their programs, and they have a Successful Pathways ministry focused on teen moms, helping to end the cycle of both physical and spiritual poverty.

What Can You Do?

Consider being a mentor for a teen mom or a child involved in the All Star Sports program, or help out in any of the other opportunities found here:

Email to get involved.