Community Group Service Model

Are you a part of a community group that is looking to serve in Rochester this year? The following service model can help your group both serve effectively and grow together during the process.

Pick Just One

Instead of doing a handful of one of time service opportunities this year with multiple different agencies, consider adopting just one agency for the year and serve with them multiple times. That will increase your impact immensely. Check out for a list of all our partnering agencies.

Start with a Tour

All of our Northridge Serves partners either hold a regularly scheduled tour or would enjoy scheduling one with your group. Start your service year with a tour. It helps your group learn more about the agency and how best you can partner with them for the year. This is a great way to get started serving as a group, especially for those in your group who may be unfamiliar with the agency.

Get Your Feet Wet

Sometimes, after a tour, your group will know exactly how they want to serve. Other times, groups are still uncertain with how they can help the agency serve our city well. In those situations, try a “Get Your Feet Wet” service opportunity such as a monthly mailing, or a maintenance day. This helps your group gauge even better how to further get involved, still provides a needed service, and allows your group to fellowship together during the process.

Take A Dive

After a tour and a “Get Your Feet Wet” service opportunity, consider taking a dive into serving. There are a few ways your group can approach this. As a group you may choose to work together to fill a weekly-monthly need for the agency. Or, you may decide to take on a service project that will require some prep work or that is challenging/stretching for some of your group members. Don’t shy away from the dive! This is actually where your group can grow the most. Jesus served sacrificially and this a chance for your group to do the same.

If you or your community group would like some help approaching serving, please don’t hesitate to talk to our service coordinators Matt and Belinda. They’ll even attend one of your group meetings to help you plan! Email