Ease In #2 - Explore

Now that you've considered yourself, it's time to do some exploration!  You've heard of the saying "don't reinvent the wheel"?  Well, the same could be said of those who are trying to ease into serving.  Instead of trying to start serving in ways others have not, consider partnering with an organization who has been serving God for some time now.  Not only would it help them in their work, it will also help you learn more about how God may have you serve in the future.  This week take some time to look at the eight organizations on northridgeserves.com.  Read the "About" section for each organization and make note those that interest you.  Go through the eight organizations again, this time looking at the current volunteer needs on the bottom half of each page.  Once again, take note of what interests you.  Compare these notes to each other and what you discovered about yourself last week.  Is anything starting to line up?