Replacing Bible Covers

The Moore and Schoos Community Group recently served together helping the Good News Jail and Prison Ministry replace bible covers.  Here's a quick post sharing their experience.

What Went Well?
All of it! One of our leaders met with the agency rep, Dave, after church one Sunday and he showed her where everything was kept and how to change the covers. He talked about how other groups had done it in the past and how they made assembly lines that seemed to work well too. He also took the time to explain why they have to change the covers and a little bit about the jail ministry and what they do.

What could be improved? 

Any Other Comments? 
Our group had a great time working on these! We got to fellowship while we helped serve!

Interested in helping the Good News Jail & Prison Ministry? Contact Dave at

Want to give some feedback on how serving went for you or your community group? Click here.