Successful Pathways Bible Study

As a staff member of Rochester Youth For Christ (YFC), I have written this next sentence countless times; Our mission is changing kids lives through relationships, life coaching, leadership development and a living faith in Jesus Christ. Personally, I believe nothing could ring more true for our ministry. We are on a mission to pursue lost kids and engage them in a lifelong relationship with their Savior. Along this journey we experience various stages in the relationship including but not limited to, bonding with the kids, sharing life together, experiencing frustration, and learning from each other.  No stage more important that the next and each so crucial for forming trust and breaking through barriers for each person to experience God’s love. 

On Thursday nights we host a young parent Bible Study at the Favor Street Center,  and the relational stages are no different.  The young parents know that it is a privilege to be asked to join this study group and they take their time here very seriously.  When asked why they wanted to join the Bible Study answers included, “To learn more about God; find out His intentions, His purposes; and to be with women they felt safe with”.  However, even knowing this, the class is still not without its frustrations.   Trying to balance the need for transportation, childcare, flu season, and all the other daily struggles these inner-city teen parents face, it’s a wonder we ever get down to the scriptures. Somehow, amazingly, in the midst of our frustration God is able to able to break through and show that He is and always will be enough for us.  

Last week when we met we discussed Romans 5:8 “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” and there was healing for them and for myself as a YFC staff member that, while we were yet- frustrated- Christ died for us. God is ever so faithful to show Himself in this Bible Study and it will be my privilege to keep you, our supporters, updated on the transformed lives within this wonderful group of Mom’s. Thank you for your prayers in advance.

~From YFC Newsletter
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