The Sound of Abortion and RHA

CompassCare's existence is in jeopardy.

Governor Cuomo is pushing hard for the passage of an abortion expansion bill called the Reproductive Health Act (RHA), which has the potential to shut down CompassCare's medical services. This heinous bill would make abortion and contraception fundamental rights. Any medical provider of conscience refusing to refer for abortion could be labeled discriminatory and convicted of a human rights violation.

If that wasn't enough, the RHA tramples parental rights, opens the door for abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, reduces penalties for violence against pregnant women, and decriminalizes the murder of women at the hands of abortionists.

Please stand with us against this atrocity, the most radical expansion of abortion since Roe v Wade.

Take Action:
1. Pray! Our battle is not with flesh and blood.
2. Stand Up. Visit AlbanyUpdate to contact your legislator.
3. Speak Out. Learn to maximize your impact on social media by participating in a Social Media Mobilization Webinar. CompassCare's is looking for 60 people to join our social media team to defeat the RHA. 

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