An Interview with Emily

Emily Howe

Where Did You Serve?
Compass Care

What Did You Do While There?
I volunteered at their annual walk fundraising event, passing out cotton candy to the kids.  Following the walk, I helped with processing financial information. 

What Did You Enjoy About Your Experience?
Compass Care is a passionate and energetic organization focused on the local community.  Daily they are changing lives, and impacting the community.  They are able to quantify their impact with the number of babies they save, and the number of mothers that put their trust back in the Lord.  They reach out to the people Jesus reached out to. 

When I first talked to Matt Sones about his work at Compass Care, I was hesitant to volunteer, fearing that the atmosphere would be heartbreaking.  I was wrong.  Its uplifting to see the power a solid Christian organization can have on a secular community.  They celebrate every time a life is saved.  By volunteering, I was able to join in that force, and celebration.  By contributing to some of the behind the scenes processing, Compass Care’s resources could be focused on saving more lives.  

Why Would You Recommend Others to Serve Where You Did?
Well, primarily I would encourage everybody to volunteer somewhere.  I think it is a huge part of living a healthy lifestyle that contributes positively to the community that is often overlooked by our society.  More importantly, as Christians, Jesus called us to go out and make disciples, and told us that what we do to the least of them, we do for Him.  Volunteering in any way is a great way to live this calling out.

Compass Care has a lot of opportunities to serve, and a flexible schedule to help make it convenient.  No matter what your talents, or passion, Compass Care can benefit from you.  It is a fun and welcoming atmosphere, and it helps babies!  Who doesn’t like babies?