An Interview with Dave

Dave Baxter

Where Do You Serve?
Good News Jail & Prison Ministry

What Do You Do While There?
There are three ways to serve the jail:

1) Join the team that meets one morning a week to grade written Bible lessons that some of the inmates complete. This includes the opportunity to write a few words of encouragement to the inmates, which for many inmates is the only contact they have with the outside world.

2) Help with the church service that a handful of faithful volunteers from Northridge has run for years in the Henrietta Jail on the third Sunday evening of each month. (Requires clearance and training for going in the jail.)

3) Volunteer in the downtown or Henrietta jails leading a Bible study of your choosing for small groups of inmates or speaking one on one with inmates. (Requires clearance and training for going in the jail.)

I volunteer in the downtown jail leading small group Bible studies.

What Did You Enjoy About Your Experience?
I love how easy it is to connect with the inmates. About a third are anxious to speak with me the second I walk in. Another third are willing to speak with me if simply say hi. The last third don't want to talk but don't make a big deal out of it.

Why Would You Recommend Others to Serve Where You Did?
100%. The inmates are nicer than many of the people I know on the outside! They pray for me and care about me and miss me if I can't see them. Many spend HOURS in the Word every day and have great insights to share. I always feel like I've received more than I've given when I leave the jail. 


Interested in finding out more about the Good News Jail and Prison Ministry?  
Come on a tour Tuesday evening, January 15th.
Please contact our Agency Rep, Dave Baxter, by email or through the Northridge Serves page by January 8th if you're interested in attending.