An Interview with Shamiah

 Shamiah Difrancesco

Where Do You/Did You Serve?
 Operation Christmas Child

What Do You/Did You Do While There?
Participated in the weekly items to bring in for the Highpoint giving project as well as putting together several packed boxes independently.

What Did You Enjoy About Your Experience?
 As a mother of a young child I have a strong desire to raise him with a serving heart.   I loved Operation Christmas child because he was able to relate to everything we were doing.  From gathering the shoes boxes to finding items weekly to putting together the boxes.  Since its for children he can see first hand how he can make a difference in someone's life.   As well as reaching children at the ends of the earth  we were blessed with discovering a  local child who was not going to receive any gifts for christmas.  This child was the same age as my son.  We went out and Dominick picked out a hat and mittens, some toiletries and small toys that he himself wanted and we would get them for this child.   He really became involved and while it was sometimes hard for him picking out something he really wanted and giving it to Caden’s box it meant a lot for him to know that he was able to do this for another child.  We would also pray for the children that would receive the boxes and I would encourage him to pray his own prayers.

Why Would You Recommend Others to Serve Where You Did?
This is a great experience for anyone to participate in.  I love that so many children get to receive the word of the Gospel but also to experience it.  They can see the Gospel in action.  You can show them the love of Christ.   The goal of operation Christmas Child is to reach 100 million children.  This is a chance for someone to give a potentially life changing gift.


Don't forget, if you're participating in Operation Christmas Child this year like Shamiah is, the last day to bring in completed shoe boxes is Sunday November 11th.  Please bring the boxes to High Point during the Sunday morning services at either campus.