19 Children to Adopt

"Every child has a story. For 1.7 million American children, that story is filled with the abandonment, loneliness, and shame that comes from having a mom or dad in prison. At Angel Tree, we find ways to reach out to these children, by sharing Christ's love with them at Christmas and by developing year-round relationships. In the end, it's so much more than giving Christmas gifts-it's about restoring families."

This year Northridge has committed to provide Christmas gifts for 19 children in Rochester whose parent is currently in prison.  We look forward to being a part of sharing Christ's love to these families this Christmas season and beyond.

Are you, your family and/or your community group interested in helping Northridge fulfill its commitment by adopting a child for Christmas?

Here are the technical details:

  • Each child should receive one toy and/or one article of clothing.
    • Toy categories, ages, and gender are provided for each child.
    • The gifts should total between $15-$25

  • Process
    • Contact the Northridge Agency Rep via this blog or email (agencyrep.northridge@gmail.com) with the number of children you/your group would like to adopt by Dec. 1st.
    • Once you receive information on the children, contact the caregiver listed to:
      • Introduce yourself and your involvement with Angel Tree
      • Confirm their current address
      • Confirm that the suggested toy category matches the child
      • To set up a gift delivery date
    • Purchase the gifts
    • Call the caregiver to confirm delivery date a few days before.
    • Deliver gifts
      • Go as a group
      • Optional: Take pictures of the children receiving the gifts to send to the incarcerated parent.
        • Prior permission required
      • Try to get to know the family
      • Invite the family to church or other event to continue building relationships
    • Write to the incarcerated parent letting them know how the delivery went and to encourage them as well.
    • Follow up with your Angel Tree families throughout the year
      • birthday cards
      • invitations to events
      • become a pen-pal with the children/parents
      • etc.