An Interview with the Gavenda & Hibbard Community Group

Name of Community Group:

Where Did You Serve?
Angel Tree

What Did You Do While There?
Request was made by a prisoner in Texas who has a wife & 5 children living in Rochester.  He was requesting Christmas gifts for his children.  We delivered those gifts, took some pictures of the family and sent a letter and pictures to the father.

What Did You Enjoy About Your Experience?
We delivered the gifts to the family's home and soon realized there was more God wanted us to do for this family!  Since that time, they have attended our church several times, and the smaller children went to our church's Easter egg hunt.  It's a great way to introduce a family to our church!

We have also been corresponding with the father who is still in prison.  He wants to have a better understanding of God and His Word.  Last month he requested a study bible because for months he has been waiting to join the prison's bible study, so we sent him one.  We just heard that he has started a bible study in prison!!  He has requested a bible dictionary so we sent him one today.  The joy of this experiences is continuing for our group.  Praise God!

Why Would You Recommend Others to Serve Where You Did?
It has been a joy to serve in this way.  It's always amazing to witness God's plan unfolding.  This family has been a tremendous blessing to our group.

Want to help out with Angel Tree this year?  Email our Angel Tree Agency Rep, Scott Bixby, at or comment on this blog post.  You'll get paired with a family in November.  This is a great volunteer opportunity for small groups and families.  Even the kiddos can get involved!