An Interview with Belinda

Belinda Sones

Where Do You Serve?
Youth for Christ

What Do You While There?
I am currently helping them transfer their donor database to one powered by Salesforce which is free for them and provides a more desired record keeping than their current database.

What Did You Enjoy About Your Experience?
I enjoy being able to use my administrative/computer skills to help an organization that is really impacting the lives of Rochester youth.  I may not directly talk to a teenager while I serve, but what I am doing allows them to save and gain more funds to continue to directly impact lives.  I also appreciate that I can do the bulk of this service from home allowing me to work on a flexible schedule.

Why Would You Recommend Others to Serve Where You Did?
I would recommend serving at Youth for Christ because it’s an organization that God is actually using to transform lives.  The youth in the sports programs and the teen parent mentoring program are constantly being shown love, care, support, and encouragement through the sharing of Christ and the practice of His service and love.  That’s something I would love everyone to be a part of.  I would also suggest serving with YFC because there are many opportunities to help and flexibility to provide that help (from flexible time commitments to being able to bring your children with you as you serve).

Interested in learning more about Youth for Christ and how you can get involved?
Don't forget to attend their Breakfast Banquet on
Saturday, October 20th, 2012 
from 8:30-9:30am at 1 Favor St, Rochester, NY 14608.