MotherCare: Mentoring and Discipling Young Moms

Check out this new opportunity to join CompassCare in helping young moms and their babies.  This is copied directly from CompassCare's email newsletter.

So far this year, 26 women have prayed to receive Christ as their Savior through the ministry of CompassCare. We rejoice and celebrate with the angels the mighty work of the Holy Spirit, who uses even our sinful choices for His glory and our good! Since we developed our current evangelism model in late 2010, 20% of patients have accepted Christ.

The National Association of Evangelicals discovered that 80% of evangelicals between 18-29 have engaged in premarital sex and that 32% of all unplanned pregnancies among evangelicals end in abortion. In CompassCare's experience 48% of patients claim to be Christians and virtually all of them were at risk for abortion. CompassCare's target demographic is in our very churches and we desperately need them to know of CompassCare and also be supported by the local church.

One of the primary reasons that women choose to have an abortion is lack of support. Most women facing unplanned pregnancy feel completely alone. They are ashamed of their situation, fear judgment if anyone finds out, or simply have no idea how to care for a child and find the prospect terrifying. The Church is uniquely suited to provide the loving support, encouragement and counsel these young mothers so desperately need.

This is where you come in. CompassCare would like to partner more closely with you and the local church to serve any woman that might be facing an unplanned pregnancy as well as refer patients to you for ongoing care and support through MotherCare Teams. These young moms desperately need a community of mature Christian women to rally around them: invite them to coffee, pick them up for church, help them wade through paperwork or make a budget, share stories from your own pregnancy, throw a baby shower etc. etc. Simply put, these women need someone who will walk with them through this crisis they are facing and beyond. And that is what these MotherCareTeams will be for them.

Here's how it will work. CompassCare will provide the contact information of an interested mother who has been a CompassCare patient and who lives in your church's zip code to the point person at your church (the MotherCare Team Leader), and from there you can take her under your wing.  If this kind of hands-on ministry sounds like something you or someone in your church would be interested in, contact Matt Sones ( or 585.232.3894).  A MotherCare training and orientation for interested church teams will be held on Thursday, July 12, 5:30-7:00pm at CompassCare's office, 300 White Spruce Blvd. Please RSVP by July 5 to Matt so that we can prepare appropriate hospitality.

Since Matt is a Northridge attender, and we are just now able to get this posted on the blog, the deadline to RSVP has been pushed to Monday July 9th.  Please contact Matt directly, or comment on this blog post.