Zumba and Kickboxing Instructors for Youth for Christ

Do you Zumba or kick-box on a regular basis?  Would you be willing to help lead some free classes for inner city teens during one of two summer basketball camps?  If so, let us know!  That's exactly what Youth for Christ is looking for during the month of July.

For those of you who don't know much about the Youth for Christ ministry, please check out this video:

Youth for Christ is a great organization that is ministering to teens in our city via sports teams and one-on-one mentoring for young teen moms.  We have been developing a partnership with them for over a year and look forward to having more Northridge attenders impact the lives of youth in our city with them.

Here are some ways to get involved this summer:
  • Lead a Zumba or Kickboxing class
    Session 1: July 11th to July 13th
    Session 2: July 18th to July 19th
    Class times still being determined.
  • Be a Chaperone for Midnight Basketball
    Session 1: July 11th to July 13th
    Session 2: July 18th to July 19th
    This is a great way to see what Youth for Christ does first hand and meet the youth in a fun and exciting environment.
  • Become a Teen Parent Mentor
    Attend a training session to learn how to be a teen parent mentor in the Successful Pathways ministry.
    June 23rd - 9am to 3pm.
If you are interested in any of these opportunities and/or have any questions, please comment on this blog post or email the Northridge YFC Agency Rep, Belinda Sones, at agencyrep.northridge@gmail.com.