Did you know that as of 2011 approximately 636,000 people in the USA are homeless?  About 63,000 of that number are homeless people in New York State.  It's estimated that on any given day in Rochester, NY there are 600 people who are homeless.

These numbers can be hard to take in, but not only is the Salvation Army processing them, but it's working to do something about it.  Currently, the Greater Rochester Salvation Army can shelter 85 people between its 4 shelters.  Not only do they provide a bed to sleep on, they also provide various other services to aid the people they serve holistically (physically, socially and spiritually).  Click here for more details.

You can help them in this!  Salvation Army is regularly in need of various items such as hygiene products to provide at their shelters.  You can help collect needed items and donate them.  This can help Salvation Army focus its attention more on other aspects of their ministry such as the spiritual and social assistance they provide.

If you have a child who is currently in high point, we encourage you, as a family, to collect toothpaste, tooth brushes, shampoo, conditioner, bar soap and deodorant and have your child bring them in to high point any Sunday morning in June.

If you don't have a child in high point, feel free to organize a collection of your own.  This is a great and easy thing that can be done in small groups.  Email the Northridge Agency Rep, Karen Mapes, at agencyrep.northridge@gmail.com to get the most up to date list of items needed.

Please pray for the various homeless people in our city.  This world is not our home, but not all of them know that truth and have hope to be with God in heaven one day.  Having God in their spiritual homelessness will aid them in their physical as well.